puiupo na veia ✌☹

Name's Paula, 17 years of age, portuguese comics person based in Brazil.


best friend

best friend

churumelasexplosivas and I are sending little doodles together with the purchased canvas.

she helped me a lot with the packages, thank you manu!!!

Cover art of a zine that will come out p soon!!

Cover art of a zine that will come out p soon!!

segue mais uma merda que eu fiz quando estáva sózinha num quarto escuro depois do banho

a while ago i promised myself that I’d develop my music skills and practice until it gets listenable.

isn’t working, but I’m going to post this here for the sake of it.

Anonymous asks: Aah, I really wish I understood Portuguese! You are really unique and cool for your age, 999x cute. I really love your haircut and art, have a great day and I hope you feel good, take care of yourself and get to see your friends soon

aaa hi there, thank you so much!! being called cool is the funniest thing bcs: IM THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING COOL

hahah but thank you for the warm message, and for raising ego. These days have been less shittier because of sweet things like these, they mean a lot.

Ed likes to take pics of me crying over final fantasy dungeons

more pics from earlier this week

pics that the super cute juliabalthazar took

katsuhero asks: your art feels so warm and fluid !! i love your style and it just always makes me happy even if i cant understand the text. i hope u have a good day/night !!

hey man!! I’ve been feeling kinda lonely since im far away from very good friends now, this message made my night. Thank you so much.

came back from São Paulo (aka loki gang gathering) and I’m sad and sick.